Orr  visits and activities

Grayville (IL) – John taught class and preached;

Brentwood (TN) – delivered HM materials

Concord Rd (Brentwood TN) – met with Missions Committee

Mill Creek (Nolensville TN) – met with preacher

PtP (Polishing the Pulpit) Workshop in Sevierville TN (see pic in Gallery!)

Madison (AL) – met with Evangelism Minister

Mayfair (Huntsville AL) – met with Outreach Minister

Cox Blvd (Sheffield AL) – met with ministers and elders

Congregation Updates (cont.)

Columbus (NE) – is utilizing the HABANERO Visitation guidelines to begin our program! We started the FOUNDATIONS study in a class format on Wednesday night, as well as using it in individual studies. There has been an increase in our attendance (visitors also!) The Lord is blessing us with families & children!

Congregation Updates

Westside (Ft Dodge IA) had four baptisms recently. Currently there are 9 active Bible studies being held. Also, five are receiving counseling through the church. Through their community drug recovery outreach, they’ve had one baptism and two Bible studies. Through their jail ministry, they’re conducting two Bible studies. Through the prison ministry, they’ve found two church members who have been restored. We’re so proud of this active church!

Channelview (TX) provided the staff at Channelview ISD cookie trays as the school year begins! (see pic in Gallery!)

Needville (TX) reports one baptism! (see pic in Gallery!)

Burkburnett (TX) – As a congregation, last Sunday we celebrated two years since the merging of two congregations which resulted from a split over 25 years ago. All are one beautiful unit. We are being blessed by being there. We don’t even have elders or a full-time preacher. Attendance last Sunday was 101. The Sunday before, 90. Since May 20th, four have been baptized: a homeless man who is doing fine (I sat with him tonight in Bible study), a man who was in hospice and whose Saturday baptism made the front page of the Wichita Falls (TX) paper the following Tuesday, a teenage niece of a member and then yesterday a mother of two teenagers. Recently, also, two more military couples, with three children between them, joined us, making four military families part of our family. One man is a song leader. Two women are children’s class teachers. One of the men in the Air Force stood before the congregation Sunday night and said “We came here to help you, but you have done so much for our family.” I (Dennis) will start a young adults class this Sunday morning. Anyone looking for a friendly church with a bright future is encouraged to check us out. Help us build to the glory of God! – Dennis Cady

College Hill (Hillsboro TX) – held a one-day VBS with Jonathan Orr and his youth group from Gainesville (TX) assisting (see pic in Gallery!)

Grayville (IL) – held a school-supply and clothing give away in the downtown pavilion in Grayville! (see pic in Gallery!) Also, please pray for this congregation, as they’ve suffered a tremendous loss in the drowning death of 2-year-old Maylee Baxter.

Highland County (Hillsboro OH) – report one baptism resulting from New Life Behavior Ministries outreach in jail and prison

HomeMission Outreach / Evangelist Reports

Tom Bedichek – I am continuing to work closely with churches in Kansas, Oklahoma, North Dakota, and Texas. These are all making progress, though at times it is slow. They are all committed to growth, both numerically and spiritually. The members are growing closer to one another in love and unity.

One church is moving toward the selection of elders, as they have not had any in several years. I have challenged them and they are sharing their faith and I expect baptisms and new members to be added in the coming months.

Russell Blackwell – see attached report

Bill Clark – set up HABANERO Visitation Ministry; facilitated Bible School teachers who attended Bible teaching Workshop.

Jack Cummings – will be working with the Willow Park (TX) congregation, starting on Sunday, Sept. 29. Ron Moore with be working with me as we conduct the HANGAR session, follow up with evangelism training, and hopefully be able to set a date so we can have John Orr conduct the HABANERO session. Just a month ago, they were discussing the possibility of closing the doors of the building, but after meeting with them, they are now becoming encouraged about the possibility of growing. I have also received word that there are several new ministers in the DFW Metroplex area who have decided to join the HomeMission Team, and next month, I will be planning for all of us to get together for a planning/training session for the purpose of helping many of the smaller congregations in the DFW area that are in need of help.

Russell Digiorgio – started 5th Quarter of NEIE; following up on contacts from PtP

Steve Hunley – worked with the Eagle Lake (FL), Groveland (FL), and Zephyrhills (FL) congregations.

Tommy Key – I participated in the Gospel Sharing Ministries door-knocking and training campaign with the Rio Rancho (NM) congregation, August 9th through 18th.

Ron Moore – is working with the Wind Mill (TX) congregation, and after training with Jack Cummings, will be presenting the HANGAR session; is continuing the work at 6th Ave (Mineral Wells TX) and Milsap (TX).

Steve Orduno – We are making plans to physically visit the congregation in Minden (NV), and on the same visit, probably visit South Lake Tahoe (CA). We will then travel north to Chester CA and then down to the flatlands of Corning, CA. If time and weather permits, our intention is to continue into Oregon, stopping in Portland and then into Washington, Idaho and Polson MT. There are still congregations to contact in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho that we have hopes of stopping by and telling the story of HomeMission, and evaluating how we can help. Much of this will be predicated upon time constraints and prayerfully, good weather.

Jim Smith – see attached report

 August Photo Gallery

Cookie trays provided to Staff of the Channelview (TX) ISD by the ladies of the Channelview (TX) Church of Christ

PTP (Polishing the Pulpit) 2019

Cookie trays provided to Staff of the Channelview (TX) ISD by the ladies of the Channelview (TX) Church of Christ

PTP (Polishing the Pulpit) 2019