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“We are committed to establishing seed sowers for the kingdom through class-room theory, and practical application, that they may learn to teach others to teach.” (Matthew 28:18-20; 2 Tim. 2:2)

At NEIE we are working to produce personal teachers. Teachers with a solid biblical foundation. Christians that are comfortable sharing the gospel across the table with a friend, or teaching a bible class where they worship. We believe this is one of our greatest needs in the church today!


How can you be effective in reaching souls for Christ? Take a look at our current curriculum and study options.


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Those Who Have Been Saved

Those Who Have Been Saved

A short TV ad that featured the Director of NEIE titled “Those Who Have Been Saved.” To hear a little more of brother Russell consider the Gospel Broadcasting Network TV show, “GBN Live” on gbntv.org – search Episode 161 “Can We Evangelize Effectively in the USA...

NEIE News Blog September 12, 2019

NEIE News Blog September 12, 2019

Why (NEIE) Northeast Institute of Evangelism? The Northeast can be a lonely place when spreading the gospel of Christ…but then again, Jesus said that the laborers are few (cf. Luke 10:2). Can we help with the few? That’s our focus, consider a few reasons why NEIE came...

Final Quarter for the year

Final Quarter for the year

Hello Friend, The last quarter of the year began on September 7th—Denominational Doctrines/Evangelism and the Life of the Soul Winner are being combined into one class. Our summer campaign at Media backed us up a bit. Here is a short explanation of the course of...